Supporting Twin Cities women through their journey of conception, pregnancy, motherhood and beyond.

Holistic Approach

Helping you get back in balance, in more ways than one.

Our treatments are designed to address the underlying cause of imbalance in the body, allowing your whole system to flourish. Our holistic-based care focuses on your whole emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Because of this big picture approach, your entire health (digestion, sleep, mood, energy, etc.) will improve as we address your main complaint.

Individualized Treatment Plan

You are unique. Your treatment should be too.

We develop a personalized treatment strategy based on your individual concerns, your specific set of signs and symptoms, and your overall health history. Your specialized treatments are formulated through a differential diagnosis process which takes into account a thorough understanding of your unique health picture, your constitution as well as where you are in your fertility journey and reproductive cycle, your pregnancy, postpartum or other life stage.

Integrated Solutions

When Western medicine meets Eastern treatments, you benefit.

We are trained to use two different models when understanding your health: Allopathic/Western medicine and Holistic Traditional/Chinese medicine. Because it is so comprehensive, this integrated approach is invaluable when trying to conceive, navigating through pregnancy, or managing postpartum challenges or other health issues.

We incorporate your medical tests and diagnoses into an integrated framework based on our combined knowledge of modern and traditional reproductive medicine. Having an understanding of your constitution and fertility from a Chinese medicine perspective can make treatment more effective and empowering, whether as a standalone approach or integrated with your Western medicine plan.

If you are pursuing Western or Allopathic fertility diagnosis and treatment, our treatments have been shown to improve clinical outcomes and are easily integrated into the rest of your medical care.

We believe that you are a whole person, with an innate capacity to heal.



We understand that navigating fertility challenges can be a circuitous and frustratingly slow process. And there can be difficult decisions that arise during your pregnancy or postpartum as well. As you struggle with making choices about the next step, we’ll help you sift through the myriad options available, find clarity, and support you in choosing the best path for you. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, we’ll discuss how to discover and remove the obstacles on your way to greater peace, ease and wellness. Along with your individualized treatment plan, we will provide the information, support and tools you crave, so that you can feel more confident and optimistic about your future.

Authentic Relationship Based on Understanding

We care about the quality of our relationship with you.

Each interaction we have with our clients is fueled by a desire to create a genuine and personal connection. We ask a lot of questions and listen carefully to your answers with the intention of truly understanding you so we can provide the most effective treatment. We seek to create a healing setting that is sensitive to your unique physical and emotional situation.

You will receive care from experienced practitioners who have worked with hundreds of women, and who have experienced reproductive health challenges themselves. We genuinely care about your well-being and commit to supporting you in the ways you need to be supported, whether it is by listening, helping you to give voice to your feelings, problem-solving, or simply offering a nourishing place to set your concerns aside for an hour during treatment. You will always be respected and accepted exactly as you are, though we will encourage you to make changes in your life as part of your treatment plan.

Sustaining Care

Enhance your health throughout all stages of your life.

Women’s bodies are constantly changing. We seek to be a sustaining and long-term resource to our clients to help navigate these changes with more ease. As we work together over the period of what may be many months or years, we are constantly evaluating our treatment strategy so that it can reflect the most effective care possible, given the breadth and depth of our relationship and knowledge of your health and well-being.