I'm so appreciative of the warm and caring environment Kara offers in her sessions. When I sit down to talk with her before a treatment, it's like being with a trusted friend—one who supports you, is ready to listen without judgment, and who offers insights into your well-being that you may not have thought of yourself. Trying to understand your cycle on your own can be challenging. Having someone who can track it and talk through it with you can provide a level of peace that resonates through your daily life. Whether you are trying to conceive, balance irregularities, treat a condition, or merely track your cycle, sessions at Fertile Ground are an immense help. It's also a wonderful way to respect and honor your body—to not shy from your cycle, your age, or any factors that may be keeping you from having a positive viewpoint about yourself. There is no time better than now to start loving and appreciating your body for all its capabilities. Having experienced some cold, clinical environments and some physicians who offered merely facts (sometimes delivered with disparaging remarks), I am honored and very happy to recommend Fertile Ground as a place where clients are understood, uplifted, and cared for with dignity and genuine warmth. —A.N., Minneapolis, MN

I highly recommend bodywork with Jess; she provides great expertise and has a very caring nature! I've found the bodywork to be a wonderful compliment to my acupuncture and herb treatments. It is beneficial to my health, as well as extremely relaxing! —K.D., MN

Emma is one of the most naturally intuitive and talented practitioners I’ve worked with. I've been getting regular acupuncture treatments for a couple of years now and it's done wonders for my anxiety, shoulder/neck tension, skin complexion, and overall wellness and vitality. She is calming, knowledgeable, intentional, and nurturing in her work. I highly recommend setting up an appointment! —A.L., Minneapolis, MN

I knew right away that Sophia really cared about me.  She took a full history and was eager to help me reach my goals.  Acupuncture is a holistic method of healing so it was interesting to have needles placed all over my body.  When the needles were placed and I was resting it was a very calming and peaceful experience.  I could really sense stress leaving my body!  After a treatment I was so relaxed!!  Each time I came in for treatment Sophia would listen carefully and ask a lot of questions about my general health, not just my main complaint.  Her confidence and knowledge put me at ease, and allowed me to focus on relaxing.  I was able to go for several months and I really felt my symptoms improve tremendously, and I truly felt better in general.

—S.L., St. Paul

I have seen Jess throughout my fertility journey, both while trying to conceive and throughout pregnancy on a regular basis. She is a very intuitive and attentive body worker. She followed my cycles and the different stages of my pregnancy in order to appropriately treat me. She concentrated on specific muscle groups that I brought to her attention, as well as others that she identified based on my symptoms and tissue feel from week to week. Jess skillfully uses a number of body work techniques in order to provide the best client experience. I would highly recommend integrating body work with Jess into your self-care regimen. —A.B., Minneapolis, MN

I was having painful periods, with back aches and extreme tiredness. I thought possibly I was peri-menopausal. Hoping to have a third child and -at the least- not wanting to feel so awful every month, I started seeing Kara. Kara is amazing through in her assessments. She takes her time and really listens, and she remembers who you are and what is going on with you. I have been to many "alternative" healers and I was very impressed with Kara. Kara not only helped me with my period pain but, in three months I was pregnant. I continued to see Kara off and on through-out my pregnancy, and give her credit for helping me to shake a nasty cold I got in my 2nd trimester. I had an easy, natural, drug-free birth. I saw Kara after the baby was born for acupuncture and she talked with me at length about my birth experience, helping me to process it. I plan to continue seeing Kara and cannot recommend her highly enough. —E.B., Minnetonka, MN

Sophia is extremely knowledgeable and attentive to what your needs are physically, emotionally, and spiritually. She has given me great recommendations about ways that I can promote healing through food, supplements, sleep, and stress management.

Sophia's caring spirit and expertise took the apprehension out of it for me. The results have been amazing! I plan to continue regular visits because I feel great all around. I definitely recommend working with Sophia. —A.D., St. Paul, MN

Emma has a gift for making women feel comfortable and at home in their bodies. She is a great listener. Through her health coaching, I was able to learn about my body, the Chinese medicine perspective on healing, and how to take care of myself during stressful times. I was scared of the needles, but it didn’t hurt at all, and I actually fell asleep! I always feel rejuvenated and restored after her treatments. Emma has a lot to share about how to regulate hormones, move energy, and take care of my mental and spiritual health. I am grateful for her support. —  E. L., Troncones Beach, Mexico

Thanks for everything - you truly helped put me at ease with the embryo transfer, and I believe you helped the little guy decide to implant and stay around. S.L. New Orleans, LA I think that Kara had a huge impact on everything working this time. I so enjoyed my sessions with her and she kept me so relaxed and positive. She is truly an amazing person and I'm not sure if the IVF would have worked if she would not have been part of the picture. —J.S. St. Cloud, MN