Keeping Our Patients Safe is Our Top Priority

We are so grateful to be here, and able to offer these services to you.  In an effort to continue to keep you and our staff as safe as possible, we continue to evaluate our COVID-19 procedures and have been watching case counts daily. All of our COVID updates are posted below. 

At this time, patients are asked to complete a COVID screening questionnaire prior to coming into the clinic to evaluate symptoms and possible exposure. Masks are currently optional.

Please reach out to us with any questions about our COVID procedures or virtual session offerings. 

Mask Update (September, 2022)

As a clinic, we have chosen to no longer require masking.  All providers will wear masks, although if you choose not to wear a mask your provider may also choose to remove theirs.  Fertile Ground office staff may choose not to wear masks since their contact with you is short and able to be distanced. Our staff is happy to put on a mask to make you more comfortable, just ask!

For some of you this may be a relief and for others it may be concerning.  Please know that as a clinic we are continuing to take covid-19 very seriously.  We know that an infection, or even an exposure can be disruptive and that IVF cycles can be canceled, birth/postpartum, travel or other plans altered, and that there are still risks of serious infection and long-term health effects.  We will continue to screen, and are happy to help you navigate if you are a close contact or recovering from an infection, or are experiencing symptoms of covid-19. Masks will still be required within the 10 day period following an exposure or positive case. 

*Please note that masking is still required for the face-up portion of sessions with Jess. 

Mask Update (June, 2021)

At Fertile Ground, we strive to create an environment where every person feels comfortable to receive treatments. This means putting the health and wellbeing of all our patients first. With the mask mandate being lifted in Minneapolis, Fertile Ground will continue to require masks for everyone entering the clinic unless otherwise directed by your practitioner.

We will continue to observe our full sanitization and screening policies and greatly appreciate your support in keeping our community safe.

Acupuncture Update (February, 2021)

In-person check in's are open again! Instead of calling for your appointment, feel free to come into the clinic and we will get you set up in a treatment room to talk with your practitioner face-to-face. All of our practitioners are fully vaccinated at this time. If you feel more comfortable with phone check ins, please continue to call at your appointment time.

Bodywork Update (January, 2021)

Bodywork is now open for in-person sessions! Please call us to schedule and discuss our COVID screening procedures.

Chandler is still offering virtual individual and group sessions and classes. These options are outlined below. If you are interested but don’t know where to start, please be reach out to us and we'll be glad to help you find the best fit.

Virtual Session

This would either be a 60 or 90-minute session using non-touch healing modalities such as Emotional Freedom Technique, Qigong Healing, or Spiritual Healing and Counseling, among others.  This option is best for those needing individualized support on healing, coping, or life path issues.


Combining breath, movement, sound, and visualization provides a powerful remedy for stress, pain, and anxiety.  The key to health is healthy Qi, and the key to Qi is the daily cultivation of joy!  I have been practicing for 25 years, teaching for 15, and am a certified teacher with the Chi Center.  

Sufi Teachings

The Sufi Path rests on the gentle science of softening the heart, and relaxing deeply into the love, peace, and beauty that is at the core of every human being.  These courses offer insight, practices, and support for those interested in transforming deep patterns through meditation and spiritual healing.

We are open! (May, 2020)

We are excited to welcome you back to Fertile Ground!  Although we will continue to offer virtual sessions, we are also expanding the opportunities for in-person acupuncture treatments with Kara, Lauren and Sarah.

We are dedicated to doing everything we can to make Fertile Ground a safe environment for you to receive acupuncture.

Here are our current procedures:

  • Masks are required for everyone in the clinic.
  • Adjustments have been made to treatment rooms so that all surfaces are able to be disinfected after each treatment
  • Practitioners thoroughly wash hands before and after entering the treatment room, and use hand sanitizer as needed throughout the treatment
  • Bathroom surfaces, check out counter, door handles and other surfaces are disinfected frequently throughout the day
  • Scheduling has been adjusted to decrease the likelihood of overlapping with other patients in common spaces, and treatment rooms are vacant for at least 3 hours between patients
  • All new patient visits and report of findings are conducted virtually.
  • Each patient will be screened and temperature taken on arrival to the clinic.
  • The intake portion of every visit will be conducted over the phone to limit face to face contact.
  • We ask that any other members of your party wait outside or in their car, and not enter the clinic with you.
  • Air purifiers are running continuously in all treatment rooms and all surfaces are disinfected after each treatment.

Temporary Closing (March, 2020)

We are currently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please email us to arrange a contactless herb pick up.

We are also offering limited virtual acu-point sessions and virtual healing sessions with Chandler. Please reach out for more information.

Thank you for your support and understanding as we continue to do our best to safely navigate this pandemic.