We are making it through... through January, through winter in Minnesota, through a global pandemic.  (Woohoo!) Individually and collectively- we are making our way through these days, weeks and months.

What are the things in your life that sustain you right now?


For me receiving regular acupuncture has been essential for my personal resilience throughout the challenges of the past year-- it has had a huge and positive impact on my overall well-being and stamina.  Thank you to my fabulous practitioners!

Another thing that’s getting me through is YOU-- getting to see many of your masked faces each week and having the honor of supporting your journey this year.  My newly discovered love of skate skiing and my daughters’ amazing baked goods have been helping too. 🙂

We would love to know what is sustaining you through this winter.  Drop us a line, send an email, connect on social media, or just come on in.

I am grateful that April offered to share her beautiful perspective on what acupuncture has meant to her during this time.  Check that out below, as well as Lauren’s delicious date cookie recipe.  Enjoy!



Everyone should be getting acupuncture in 2021, here’s why

2020 brought a new level to an all consuming state of mind. Looking back at the year I am so grateful to have had acupuncture be a space where I can go to truly relax and recover.  What brings patients to acupuncture is usually a physical issue but what’s so unique is that the 6,000 year old tradition offers a restorative healing beyond physical relief. In my article I share my experience & why I think everyone should be getting acupuncture this year.


Date Oat Cookies

It's the perfect time to warm up your home with some delicious baked goods. Try Lauren's date cookie recipe today!

Click here for the Recipe!

Bodywork is Open!

Chandler has re-opened his bodywork schedule. He has years of experience in Shiatsu, Craniosacral Therapy, Qigong, Emotional Freedom Technique, and Pain Neutralization Technique. Call or email to schedule!


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