Summer is here and so is the heat! Minnesota never ceases to amaze me with it's seasonal weather extremes. It seems like every summer I’m saying, "Wow Minnesota is gorgeous! How did all of this wildlife survive the winter?" In contrast to the resilience needed to survive the winter, summer feels like a time of restoration and renewed energy. There is a palpable feeling of abundance as we move towards the solstice on June 21st. The plants and gardens are taking advantage of the growing season and I think we should too. Between summer events and busy family time, I urge you to take time for yourself. Spend time in nature, soak in the sun, and lean in to what feels good. Sooner than we think the winter will be creeping in and our lives will be full of the hustle and bustle of the fall. So as we approach the longest days of sunlight, embrace the abundance, creativity, and social energy that is flowing through each of us.

Below, Kara discusses how the pandemic has shaped our lives, moving from resilience to reflection. There is also a recipe for delicious strawberry rhubarb mini pies, some poetry, and a program to embrace joy.

Happy solstice and happy summer to you and yours! 

April + The Fertile Ground Team 


The Year That Changed Us

By: Kara Yorkhall

Many of us in the United States have the privilege of resuming certain parts of our pre-pandemic life. For me this has allowed some space to reflect on what we’ve been through, and where we’re heading.  As I adjust to this new reality I find myself asking questions like, “How has this pandemic changed me?”  “What do I want to hang on to, and what do I want to let go of?”  “How am I going to recover emotionally, physically and mentally from the pandemic and support my family and my community to do the same?”

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We yearn for the hugs of friends, gathering to share a meal or a drink.

We long to jump into the car or on a flight to visit friends and family.

We may even be ready to go back to the office, to the mall, to the DMV.

But let us also remember the full schedules, the busyness and the frantic pace.

Let us feel the injustice woven into the fabric of our nation.

Let us not pretend we want all things to go back to the way they were before.

Let us not forget the parts of this time that have been revealing.

Let us not pretend everything was great, good or even fine.

We suddenly have agency in how we will create life going forward.

May we choose wisely, intentionally and with purpose.

-Hannah Grosser


Strawberry Rhubarb Mini Pies

These mini pies are perfect single serving treats for our COVID cautious world.

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Women's Joy Journey

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COVID Update


With the mask mandate lifted in Minneapolis, Fertile Ground will continue to require masks for everyone entering the clinic unless otherwise directed by your practitioner. We will continue to observe our full sanitization and screening policies, except we will no longer be requiring temperatures on arrival. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our community safe