Spring has sprung and it is beautiful! This time of year always feels full of inspiration and energy, probably stemming from my love of gardening and plants. The early perennials are at their peak, filling the city with vibrant color and garden stores are bustling with people getting ready for the summer. As we remove our winter pine and birch, we lay a foundation for new blooms to adapt and grow. Something about this spring is pulling this idea to the forefront, pushing us to look forward to the new and letting go of what no longer serves us. It feels like the year of the ox, already in action. I hope this spring brings a renewed energy to all of you, getting ready to embrace all the new around us.

Below, Jess answers some of the most commonly asked questions about Maya Abdominal Therapy and what to expect when scheduling your first appointment. There is also a recipe using the spring’s most abundant superfood, dandelions!

As always, if there is anything we can do to support you please reach out.


April + the Fertile Ground Team


Female patient is receiving treatment by professional osteopathy therapist. Woman having abdomen massage in a physiotherapy center.

Maya Abdominal Therapy FAQ

By Jess Noble, AOBTA, Arvigo Maya Abdominal Therapist

What should I expect during a Maya Abdominal Therapy massage with Jess?
When is the ideal time to receive Maya Abdominal Therapy?
What are some issues that Maya Abdominal Therapy can be helpful with?


Dandelion & Berry Summer Salad

Although many view it as an annoying yard weed, Dandelion is actually a major superfood! Its quite bitter, but the sweet taste of the berries in this salad complement it perfectly. I hope you enjoy this delicious, refreshing, and nutritious summer salad!

Click here for the recipe!


COVID Update

As COVID restrictions begin to change in Minnesota, we will continue with our current check-in and sanitization procedures moving forward. Please continue to wear your masks in the clinic and complete our screening questionnaire prior to your appointments.

Available Now: Spring Scents!

Our fresh spring and summer scented candles are available for purchase at the clinic. Fill your home with the scents of Lilac, Magnolia, Cucumber Melon, and many more!

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