My Favorite Essential Oils

By: Jess Noble, AOBTA, Arvigo Maya Abdominal Therapist

Fertile Ground Essenti

I love using essential oils in both my massage practice at Fertile Ground as well as daily in my home. Essential Oils are known to have therapeutic qualities that can be inhaled or diluted and rubbed on the skin. The oils are made from aromatic compounds found in various plants and then go through a distilling process to create the essential oil. They can be used to aid a number of common health issues including, but not limited to:

*Stress and Anxiety




*Low Energy

*Skin Conditions


*Sinus Issues


At Fertile Ground, we carry the Pranarom (formerly known as Verditas by Pranarom) line of essential oils. We prefer this line as it is organic, sustainable, and of a high quality that we know we can trust. Here are a few of my favorites to use during massage sessions at Fertile Ground:

*Stress Recovery Formula If you’ve seen me for a massage, you may have noticed me slipping a cotton ball under your face cradle with calming lavender-ish scent. I like to use this one when people are feeling overwhelmed, worn out, and stressed out. I find it helps to ground people and allow them to relax and enjoy their massage.

*Immunity Boost Formula- Once we start getting into the autumn/winter seasons here in Minnesota, I consider this formula to be an essential for most of my clients to help keep everyone’s immune systems strong and healthy. I will often recommend it to people when they are planning to be travelling, especially on airplanes.

*Just Plain Relief Formula- I like this one for both general and specific  aches and pains. It has an icy hot feel to it. I also like to mix it with topical Arnica (which is another great product for easing muscular pain) and apply it right to the painful area for quick relief and a delightful peppermint scent.


In addition to using essential oils in my massage practice at Fertile Ground, there are also many that I like to use around my home. Here are my top three:

*Sinus Formula- We make sure to always keep a bottle of this essential oil on hand when winter time rolls around. Undoubtedly, at some point, someone will end up with a sick stuffy nose and this formula does an amazing job of clearing everything up so you can breath through your nose again. You just dab it around the perimeter and just inside the nostrils and voila! Breathe easy!

*Sleep Aid- Who doesn’t need a little help unwinding sometimes? With a dreamy lavender scent, this formula has helped me relax and drift to sleep many nights.  Pranarom also makes a similar formula especially for children that I like, too!

*Tea Tree-  This is one of the most versatile essential oils in my home.We use it for so many things! I use it my skincare routine with my toner, in my mosquito bite relief cream, a few drops in my laundry on the wash cycle, added to my counter top cleanser, and even in the DIY wipe solution for my little one.  The great thing about Tea Tree is that it is an anti-fungal and antibacterial, so it is the perfect aid to keeping clean and healthy.


There are several other oils that I like to use especially in my work to support the reproductive organs as well. Here are a few known to help decrease fibroids, cysts, inflammation, and improve blood flow:



*Clary Sage


*Sweet Fennel


I find essential oils to be so useful for so many things from easing aches and pains to keeping my home clean. We would love to hear about any essential oils that you love, and I would encourage you to dip your toes in and try some for yourself. 

We offer over 15 different essential oils available for purchase at our clinic. Email us if you are interested in purchasing your own essential oils at Fertile Ground. 

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