I came to see Kara when I was 40 weeks pregnant with my second child. I had to be induced with my first child at 41 weeks, which resulted in a traumatic birth experience and a C-section. I was really hoping to go into labor naturally this time and have a more positive birth experience. When I came to see Kara I had four days before my scheduled C-section. I had two acupuncture sessions and I went into labor naturally and had a intervention-free birth! She helped me have the birth experience I wanted. —J.A., Eden Prairie, MN

I have seen Jess throughout my fertility journey, both while trying to conceive and throughout pregnancy on a regular basis. She is a very intuitive and attentive body worker. She followed my cycles and the different stages of my pregnancy in order to appropriately treat me. She concentrated on specific muscle groups that I brought to her attention, as well as others that she identified based on my symptoms and tissue feel from week to week. Jess skillfully uses a number of body work techniques in order to provide the best client experience. I would highly recommend integrating body work with Jess into your self-care regimen. —A.B., Minneapolis, MN

I truly loved the nurturing care and support I received from Kara. Her acupuncture knowledge and pregnancy experience are strong. I would recommend your services to anyone--man or woman!! —M.D., Wayzata, MN

Although I was brand new to the world of acupuncture, I was truly amazed at its benefits for the mind and body. I went specifically for help with one pregnancy issue and it ended up helping in other areas as well. I was very pleased with the benefits of the practice of acupuncture. —R.C., Maple Grove, MN

I worked with Kara at the end of my pregnancy when I was a week overdue and fast approaching an induction. She was so caring and gentle, and the treatments helped me both physically and emotionally to open up and be ready to have the baby. Our son was born a couple of days after my last treatment, no induction necessary. —G.K., Minneapolis, MN

I highly recommend bodywork with Jess; she provides great expertise and has a very caring nature! I've found the bodywork to be a wonderful compliment to my acupuncture treatments. It is beneficial to my health, as well as extremely relaxing! —K.D., MN

I did not believe in acupuncture until I experienced it first hand with Sophia. Ever since I was young, I have always been afraid of needles. I tried acupuncture for the first time with Sophia and she helped me get over that needle anxiety as well as believe in the power of acupuncture. I definitely recommend working with Sophia! —D.H., Minneapolis, MN

Sophia is an amazing practitioner! I received acupuncture for a sciatica that I’d had for 2 weeks. After one treatment the pain was completely gone and did not return again. I can't tell you how amazed I am by the results.  Sophia is a very talented acupuncturist and a very caring person. I recommend her completely without reservation. —R.B., St. Paul, MN

From the moment I arrived, Emma's awareness and gentle confidence allowed me to relax and be present. She sat with me to introduce our session, asking questions which informed her more about me. Her responses were clear and honest. When she began identifying my acupoints, I barely felt the needles inserted because she was considerate and intentional. This first session also included cupping and reiki. All of it was necessary and well-balanced for my body. As I left to continue my day, I felt as if I was floating in a state of relaxation and bliss. — A.H., Minneapolis

I came to see Kara because I was past my due date and my midwives wanted to induce me and I wanted to try to go into labor naturally. After two acupuncture treatments I went into labor naturally and had a smooth labor and delivery. Kara’s calm presence and knowledgeable experience were very helpful during such a big transition. —U.E., Minneapolis, MN

I have had the privilege of being treated by Sophia Bouwens and I have been a believer in acupuncture ever since. What Sophia offers the people she treats is nothing short of her whole heart, spot on intuition, emotional discernment as well as her brilliant treatment and a plan that is specific to your needs. I could tell immediately that she is highly educated and intensely passionate about caring for others. She is a light and has a calming presence about her. She treated me on a spectrum of things from anxiety to gut health, joint pain to emotional stress and in every instance I left her treatments feeling like I had been set on a path of healing. My body started responding in ways I thought were not possible. She is intentional, thorough and committed to seeing her patients healed. My life has been set on a better path because of her and I hope yours will be too. —S.W., Minneapolis, MN

I saw Jess Noble through my pregnancy and was so appreciative of her gentle yet effective massage treatments. I really struggled with low back pain during my pregnancy and my treatments with Jess really helped! —L.E., Minneapolis, MN