Why You Should Start Coloring Again

It’s a beloved childhood pastime, but have you tried coloring as an adult? My husband gave me a beautiful coloring book this year for my birthday (yes, I’m over 30 ;)) and a pack of markers, and it has been such a wonderful activity! I have had issues with insomnia for nearly my entire life, and I have found that I sleep the best when stress and stimuli are low. This means that I’m very sensitive to screens, caffeine, and sugar, especially at nighttime. Too much screentime in particular really seems to affect my sleep, and I’ve noticed that it tends to make me feel anxious too. (Side note: a quick google search demonstrates that I’m not the only one to feel that way!) As a result, I try to be very mindful of sticking to a calm and relaxing nighttime routine, regardless of how busy my day might have been. I keep the book and markers on my nightstand and try to color for a few minutes before I go to bed. It is so relaxing. I stumbled upon this article that helps explain why that is – check it out for more information.